Since 1974:  Originally a commercial restorations & waterproofing contractor, LESCO has been in constant operation since 1974. We are currently a regional small business providing Integrated Facility Management services to commercial, industrial & government customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast markets, including Texas.

Integrated Facility Management:  Since 1988, we have provided our customers Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services including Help Desk/Call Center;  Mobile Maintenance & Property Investment (i.e., Small Capital Construction & Project Management); General & Specialty Construction; Emergency Preparedness, Recovery and Build-back solutions; and, custom-designed Program Management services (i.e., lighting conversions, quarterly facility evaluation programs, etc.).

Going beyond the routine to provide tactical solutions:  Our Integrated Facility Management programs provide specific facility maintenance solutions for many general building repairs including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, millwork, glazing, flooring, painting, doors & windows, parking lot repairs, vendor quality control, lighting & sign inspections & installs, sidewalk repair, roof inspections and repairs, caulking and weather-proofing, landscaping, & grounds maintenance . . . or for whatever your individual needs may be.

Cost and strategic efficiencies:  By leveraging our state-of-the art Help Desk, our geographically disperse network of full-time technicians (in 11 states), as well as our network of pre-qualified vendor & sub-contractor partners over an even wider geography (22 states), LESCO provides integrated, cost efficient, strategic solutions for all your facility needs.

One size doesn’t fit all:  LESCO is your outsource partner to customize a program to meet your specific needs and to provide you with the comfort and convenience that we are there to deliver more than we promise.

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